American Inn Express Red Bluff

American Inn Express Red Bluff


Lanyards are the best option to mark your identity

The worth of a Lanyard is very well understood by those who have experienced harassment in proving their identity. With just a card marking your name and essential details hanging with a lanyard around your neck, its easy enough to prove your identity wherever you go. With the increasing demand for lanyards both for official […]

4 Common Lanyard Uses

Courtesy: aspoonfulofsugardesigns Most people could relate to the struggle of forgetting their identification card or house key at home. Having a lanyard for these essential items would not only make it easier remembering to carry them, but is a great way to keep them safe. Below is a list of four common uses of a […]

Use lanyards as promotional tools

Courtesy-reallygoodstuff Lanyards may be a simple item but it can be significant if used properly. They are a great tool for promotion, as the customized ones will have the brand’s name or logo on it. This is a simple yet quite effective way to carry out successful branding activities. One can use the lanyards to […]

How a Promotional Lanyard Can Promote Your Business

Advertisements are an essential aspect of the life of any business. For any business or organization to grow, intensive advertisements are needed, to sell out the image of this organization. Advertising in the marketing is very costly usually; as a result, alternate ways could be utilized to handle advertisements. One of such ways is by […]