American Inn Express Red Bluff

American Inn Express Red Bluff


How to Spot the Difference Between A Gerbil and Hamster

There are many differences between a hamster and a gerbil. Some people think of them as just two rodents that one keeps as pets, however this misconception can lead to mishandling of these cute little creatures. First, an easy way to spot a difference between the two: gerbils have tails, and frequently stand on their […]

Important Tips to train your Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terrier pups are an active small canines and renowned as a working breed, who have high energy levels. They require plenty of exercise to burn up their energy and to prevent them from becoming bored. Jack Russell Terriers are primarily hunting canines. Normal hunting behaviors such as digging, barking, as well as a […]

Camp Nou Football Stadium

Camp Nou FC Barcelona is not only pride of their achievement in every competition but also the pride of having the largest stadium in Europe. Recent capacity of this football stadium is about 99,354 seats. It was built around 1954 and officially opened in September 1957. In the opening, FC Barcelona played a friendly match […]