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4 Common Lanyard Uses

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Most people could relate to the struggle of forgetting their identification card or house key at home. Having a lanyard for these essential items would not only make it easier remembering to carry them, but is a great way to keep them safe. Below is a list of four common uses of a lanyard.

1. Identification card

This is the most common use most people would make out of a lanyard. There is usually a transparent plastic pouch or a badge holder attached to a lanyard to carry the identification card. This makes the whole identification process at security checks outside your office building much faster. You do not have to constantly rummage through your handbag or pocket to find your ID card as you can easily hang it around your neck with a lanyard.

2. Cameras

There are all sorts of cameras, some quiet small and others large and hard to carry. A lanyard especially designed to carry these cameras no matter what their size is a great facility. By locking the camera frame in its place, a lanyard would ensure that it is safe and secure when you use it. Hence, the risk of it falling is much less.

3. Key rings

Keys are the easiest thing to lose or forget at home when you are in a hurry. A lanyard which serves as an effective key ring is therefore of great use.

4. Water bottles

Sometimes when you are out for your morning jog or exercising in the gym, constantly carrying the water bottle in your hand might be difficult. Lanyards that carry water bottles in these cases would be of great utility.

Thus, whether you are running or in a conference, lanyards are important. 

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