American Inn Express Red Bluff

American Inn Express Red Bluff

Stanchion Sets! Cutting your cost…

Stanchions are rarely ever sold as sets, but a stanchion set is exactly what you need to make even the most basic queuing system. These can be easily bought from websites such as, etc.

What are stanchion sets?

They are simply two stanchions, one stanchion that connects to the other to form a chain of belt barriers. This is where buyers are normally confused, as they don’t realize that without a partner stanchion to connect to, a single stanchion is nothing but useless.

Belt Lengths

As simple as buying a belt with an increased length can have a drastic effect on the cost of your queue. In simple terms, if belts are longer, then you would need less individual posts and stanchions sets to cover the given area.

Yes, some circumstances are not well suited for longer belt lengths, and there are also some drawbacks to having a longer belt. Considering the type and need, you should choose wisely, take an expert’s advice who knows they may have something even better for you.


In some cases, you may need certain features such as double or triple belt stanchions or barriers made for certain situations. In that case, always refer to the type of place or event you would require the use of stanchions and their length.

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