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American Inn Express Red Bluff

Join Jane Rutter for a flute master class


Jane Rutter, a renowned Australian flautist has enchanted people with her soulful flute music. Her music has been used in many songs and background score for movies and theater plays. The best thing apart from her soulful music is that she is always up for teaching a few flute enthusiasts so that she can spread her knowledge and expertise with the young and flute lovers. She is an artists in the truest sense and takes master classes where she makes sure she leaves behind some lesson that each one can carry in future.

Listen to her music in a live concert

Jane Rutter holds quite a few concerts in every country so that she can get most of her fans to view her play live. Jane’s presence is so enchanting and to watch her play the flute is an absolute pleasure. The tickets are available online and the links are given on her official website. The online ticket booking option is helpful and one can make use of the deals and discounts the online websites give.

Master classes are tailored accordingly

Jane’s master flute classes are tailor made and suited according to the people who sign up for them. The timings, venue and other specifications are decided accordingly. So, the interested people can mention their desired timings and the group will try to set one time as per need.

Learn the best flute cover songs from Jane Rutter, the best flautist herself.

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