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American Inn Express Red Bluff

Spy point Wildlife Cameras

Wildlife cameras have grown in popularity recently because of the price of technology getting less, and their usage on TV programs like BBC Countryfile, Springwatch and the fantastic Lost Land of the Tigers program where researchers used a Bushnell Trophy Camera to capture footage of the elusive Bhutan tiger.

How can a Wildlife Camera work and why Spypoint?

A wildlife camera is basically a digital camera housed in a secure, watertight casing with infrared LED’s to light wildlife at night, and a motion detection system.

Spypoint have an assortment of wildlife cameras in the IR-5 into the market top Pro X Plus. Unlike a number of other camera makers, Spypoint cameras utilize a dual detection approach. Check out online websites If you want to buy a sj5000x camera but getting confused by all the features.

The cameras have a motion detection system that also looks for a heat signature of an object. The idea here is that if a bull walks into the detection zone, the camera sees motion AND a heat signature so understands it’s a living thing that has triggered the camera and it should take a photo or video.

With some cameras, branches of a tree, blowing grass etc will cause a false trigger leading to blank images of the background situation.

Another frequent reason for background only pictures is a slow unresponsive camera with a slow trigger time, for instance, a roe deer runs past the camera, and it requires a moment to respond, power up and then have a picture, the roe deer is often already out of the zone, or the camera catches the tail end of the deer as it leaves the place.

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