American Inn Express Red Bluff

American Inn Express Red Bluff

New Commercial Air Conditioning System

If your existing commercial ac system is a couple years old or needs servicing or repairing often, then perhaps it is time to consider a new one. Here’s why you may require a fresh air con system.

1. Your current one may be tough to use, and that means you’ll be searching for one that’s user-friendly, and not to complex. You won’t need to need to consult the manual if you need to change the temperature, or need to get comprehensive training if you would like to use some of the other added features.

2. There is no point in changing your ac system if it is not for the better. Design and Technology have changed through time, so you are likely to find a much more efficient system, with the functionality and features you require for your office if you change your air con system.

3. Your existing heating and ventilation system (which is also known as ” ระบบระบายอากาศ ” in the Thai language ) may have features you won’t ever need. If you can not envisage your needs changing, then maybe you’d be better off using a brand new less complex system that exactly meets your requirements.

4. A new commercial ac system is very likely to be far more environmentally friendly than your current system, and will also meet current noise legislation. Does your current system?

5. You may need to change your commercial air con system as you will need a more, or less, powerful system. Maybe your needs have changed through time, and you are now having to make do with something which isn’t appropriate or effective.

6. Your current system may not cover all of your rooms, or you may have changed your office design, or are now using rooms for various functions, such as with a dedicated server space.

7. Your future requirements might change and you would like to have the ability to expand and alter your heating and ventilation, as and if appropriate. You may be adding more rooms to your resort complex, including more floor space to your store, or adding new machines to your mill. Can a more flexible system function best?

8. If you pick a brand new heating and ventilation system, you will have the ability to be certain that it’s looked after correctly from the start with respect to the manufacturer’s recommendations by taking out an ac maintenance schedule. This will ensure that when there’s an issue with the system, you won’t be stranded with any, need to wait for an engineer, or need to pay an expensive call out fees.

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