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Prevention And Treatments for Bird Flu

Bird flu is turning out to be a terror for Asian countries; the epidemic is growing rapidly which is an issue of concern for the U.S. Government. The recent outbreak has the potential to turn into a human flu pandemic.

According to recent upgrades, Bird Flu has taken the lives of nearly 50 people in Southeast Asia and resulted in the deaths of millions of poultry. The virus may be a serious threat if it develops the capacity of simple transmission from one individual to another.

Bird flu symptoms

Bird flu symptoms are like any other flu. The symptoms worsen to be a severe respiratory disease that’s been fatal in a high proportion of cases. Check out online bird protection websites If you are looking for the basics of Chasing birds (which is also known as “ ไล่นก” in the Thai language), or for more ideas on how to improve bird chasing.

In February 2005, researchers in Vietnam reported human cases of bird flu where the virus infected the brain and digestive tract of 2 kids. Both finally died after a couple of days of struggle. Hence, this proves that the
Bird influenza may begin like any other flu but more often than not is deadly.

Fortunately, no human cases of bird flu have been observed from the U.S. or North America. Nevertheless, as a precaution, the CDC is asking those who have traveled to East Asia to visit a physician if they develop flu-like symptoms. It is important to tell the Physician
About having seen these areas so the appropriate tests can be carried out. Prevention is far better than cure.

Avian Flu Remedy

The current bird flu strain is resistant to older flu drugs. However, the drug remains sensitive to the newer flu drugs Tamiflu and Relenza. However, supplies stay short. Unfortunately, there’s just 1 plant making Tamiflu – and the U.S. is not the only nation desperately trying to build up a stockpile. Other countries, such as Britain, have also begun stockpiling the drug.

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