American Inn Express Red Bluff

American Inn Express Red Bluff

Environment Friendly House Number Signs

For homeowners who advocate Earth care and friendliness, there are also house number signs for you.

Solar house number signs which are wall mountable or lawn mountable are now available in the market. The solar house number signs use LED light which saves energy and illuminates your house number signs up to 8 hours when fully charged. These products are not only energy saving, they are also pollution free. Furthermore, greenhouse gases are not emitted after installation. No need to worry about cloudy days. The solar features of the house number signs allows the device to charge even on cloudy days.

Another ecology friendly house number sign available in the market are made of recycled coffee machine vending cups. These house number signs look quite elegant as the recycled material resembles slate stone.

Recycled house number plaques made from recycled paper are also available. The material is heavy and resembles slate stone as well.

Another environmental friendly solution to house number signs is to make your own (DIY) using old recyclable materials around the house.  For example, an old yet quirky tray may be spray painted to your desired color with the house numbers stenciled and painted on after the paint dries. Old flower pots may also be repainted and numerals of your house number may be painted on each pot. An old window frame may also serve as a plaque with house numbers attached or painted on it. With DIY projects, not only are you Earth friendly, you are also creative!

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