American Inn Express Red Bluff

American Inn Express Red Bluff

Housebreaking Annie… My Little Jack Russell Girl

Well, I say small because Annie's soul is really sweet, she looks small. But she's actually a very tall and lanky jack Russell terrier. Her ears stand up and her tail, un-docked, looks to only get longer and longer. She was not the classic appearing jack Russell we hoped for, but her face is amazing, unless, that is, she flattens her ears outside. then she looks a bit like Yoda.

Housebreaking Annie... My Little Jack Russell Girl

We picked her from a mess of 8 roles, pole pups. We picked her because when we picked her up she gave away the cutest growl you ever discovered and is a touch of a powerful personality we believed. But if you've increased any Jack Russell’s, you realize that they have strong characters.

My Annie is no exclusion. From the beginning, she exemplified the miracle and extraordinary character that's the Jack Russell creed. The one thing which matched her personality was her unbelievable propensity for demonstrating affection. Annie is just like a tiny girl who desires to please and make her parents proud.

However, this wasn't entirely true in the start.

Oh, my goodness, that dog would urine, it appeared, every couple of minutes. And she was just 5 months old (the mom had expired is why we'd her so ancient) and she did not know anything yet. So it was fast getting her habit and relaxation to ease her anytime and anyplace! And I wondered, using this particular pattern being put, how on earth would I ever get her housebroken?

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