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Factors to Consider When Buying Residential Door Hardware

What are the Necessary Things to Consider While Buying Residential Door Hardware?

Looking to purchase residential door hardware? If so, then you will have to look into many things to make the right selection. In the following sections let us go through few of the important details you will have to look into.

Things to Consider While Buying Residential Door Hardware

Select Right Type of Lock

residential door hardwareDuring your search for residential door hardware first thing you will have to look for is locks for your doors to provide the required security. A few of the options to consider include Mortise Locks and Deadbolts

Mortise Locks

These locks offer better security in comparison to other options (such as a tubular latch) and certainly the right choice for main entry door of your home.
Mortise locks have greater structural strength to withstand a heavy impact such as when strike plate is hit by a heavy object or when someone tries to kick in. Let us look at other benefits of mortise locks:
• Provides about five times better strength in comparison to tubular latch.
• Hardened cylinder which is tamper-proof and consists of anti-drill features.
• Forty percent stronger deadbolt throw as compared to tubular latch.
• Stronger spring prevents sagging of the handle.
• Mortise locks have integrated deadbolt.
• It is easy to fit in a euro cylinder with mortise locks to get at least two thousand key differs. This means a burglar will have to bring two thousand keys to try and unlock your door and it could take three or more hours to try out all the keys.
• These locks also have outer housing which is a lot stronger.
• Many of the euro cylinders utilize anti-bumping technology to provide added security.


Deadbolts are another option to consider in when adding security to your home. These can be single cylinder or double cylinder ones where double cylinder ones are to be locked or unlocked from outside as well as inside with the help of a key.

Check Doors Design

At the time of purchasing residential door hardware you will have to check design of your door to ensure hardware you purchase will work.
• Pre-drilled Holes: In case, there are holes pre drilled into the door or if its an old door, then it will be necessary to check diameter of those holes to be sure that hardware trim will be able to properly cover those openings.
• Door Stile: You will have to check door stile's width since if the stile is thin then it will not be possible to install some specific residential door hardware sets.
• Door Thickness: Usual thickness is 1-3/4" for exterior doors 1-3/8" in case of interior doors. In case your doors are of different thickness then you will have to buy conversion parts to make sure residential door hardware you purchase works properly for your doors.

In Conclusion

To conclude we can say that by keeping note of above details you will be able to select residential door hardware which is suitable for your doors.

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