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How to Choose A Suitable Door Knob

What are the Important Details to be Considered to Find a Suitable Door Knob?

As with any other type of Dorex commercial door hardware, purchase of door knobs can become easier when you have the right information to make a decision. There are a lot of options for you to select from and without proper knowledge it can become quite confusing to make the right selection. Here we will be sharing some important details related to door knobs so that you can decide properly.

Aspects to Consider Before Buying Door Knobs

Lock or Latch Mechanism

Dorex commercial door hardwareA latch or lock system helps door knob turn with latch system found in mortise lock and it is set up at door's edge. The other mechanism is known as rim lock and is in the form of a surface mounted box. The benefit of mortise lock is that it will accommodate all type of door knobs while selected knobs will fit with rim locks.

Setback of Lock or Latch

The difference between door handles and door knobs is that deeper setback is required for door knobs. Setback refers to space between center of hole in the lock and door's edge. It will be necessary for you to ensure that there is sufficient space so that at least fifty percent of knob's diameter fits in properly and there is sufficient finger room. Thus, at the time of purchasing a new latch or lock you will have to keep note of these details.

Door knobs – Sprung or Unsprung

After a door knob is turned, it returns to its original position because of the spring present within latch mechanism.
Sprung Door Knobs: If the backplate itself contains the spring for the latch mechanism, then the knob is know as a srung door knob.
Unsprung Door Knobs: If the spring is present inside the latch then it is known as unsprung door knob.
Thus, you aim should be to purchase heavy-duty latches to get better performance results.

Size of Door Knob

What should be the size of the door knob? This is a question which is likely to come up in your mind while buying a door knob. Let us go through the details here.
For any standard door (of approx. 1980X760 mm), door knob with diameter of about 50 mm will be the right size. In case, there are larger external or internal doors then you may have to select door knobs of greater diameter, as for instance, of 75 mm.
Apart from door's size, another aspect which will determine your selection will be the amount of presence you like the door knob to have on the door. 

Finish and Material

There is no dearth of options when it comes to finish and material for the door knobs. You can purchase door knobs from a Dorex commercial door hardware shop that are made up of nickel, brass, glass, chrome, wood, etc. Few of the main determining factors would be interior scheme within your commercial property, and your personal preferences.

The Bottom Line

To summarize it can be said that there are various factors which play their role in selection of right type of door knob. If you are aware of these details then it will become easier for you to select the right door knob.

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