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Review Jericho Guitars Edge 6 NT

For many gamers, a guitar using an elongated scale length may feel like an entirely different tool, especially once you set it with thicker gauge strings.

An extendedscale provides a brighter sound, greater maintain and also a more secure guitar compared to a shorter scale–that is fantastic for studio recording or live–but in addition, it can take some getting used to.

The conventional scale length of this Edge 6 NT is 25 3/4–inches, only an inch outside the of a Les Paul, nevertheless it supplies perfect tension and intonation for tuning a guitar a complete step down to D or perhaps dropC when using routine gauge strings. Because of this, the Jericho Edge 6 NT provides all of the advantages of an extendedscale tool without forfeiting the familiar feel of a typical guitar.


The Edge 6 NT is an actual work of art, with a neckthroughbody layout built from three layers of walnut which sandwich two inner layers of walnut. The entire body wings are made from walnut with an attractive rich brownish color, and the majority of the shirt is coated with a thin laminate of figured flame maple, which can be either stained or natural transparent black. The body and neck have a very thin finish that leaves the wood's pores open and supplies the resonance and dynamic reaction of bare wood. The rosewood fingerboard is totally blank, providing the guitar elegant, minimalist aesthetic allure.

The neck includes a slender, horizontal Cshaped profile along with 24 medium frets. Controls include a master volume and a master tone control that doubles coil dividing for the two pickups when pulled upward.


The walnut and walnut tonewoods, elongated scale span, neckthroughbody structure, and lean finish all contribute to the Edge 6 NT's amazingly lively and lively tone, which can be evident even if playing the guitar unplugged. The frequency range, when performed using a clean amp setting, is incredibly broad, with sparkling treble and wealthy, controlling bass. Jericho's Alnico V humbuckers deliver exceptional dynamic response and definition using high gain distortion, sounding incredibly hefty without seeming too dark.

The playability is exceptional also. Though the scale is a bit more than a conventional guitar, the general feel is comparable and in some ways really faster thanks to its neck's slim profile. Deep cutaways and also the lack of a heel courtesy of this neck through structure provide unobstructed access to the uppermost frets. Check the guide for the best beginner electric guitar before deciding what to buy.

*The Jericho Handwound Alnico V passive humbuckers maintain sharp detail and detail even when performed with high gain distortion.


The Jericho Edge 6 NT is the best answer for guitarists who would rather utilize dropped tunings but do not need to sacrifice the comfort and familiar feel of a normal scale guitar.

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