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Toddler Beds: Choose the Best

The most important piece of furniture for any toddler is his or her bed and it is important that you give the best you can afford because toddlers are vulnerable during sleep and can easily fall off an unsecured bed. The transition from a crib to a toddler bed  is quite an interesting task for a toddler as it gives them a feeling of being grown up and that some day he or she will also have her own large bed just like the parents. The toddler beds are available quite easily in the present time and you can choose from a wide variety of designs and materials based on your needs and affordability. The best toddler bed however is the one which has reliable rails and a solid design with minimal joints or screws. The mattress and other bedding items can also be easily procured from the furniture stores and it is advisable that you choose a mattress that fits the bed appropriately without leaving any space between the sides rails and the mattress.

Toddler beds have a great history; the beds for toddlers in the earlier times were made of solid wood especially the oak, although in the present time there are a lot of other materials which are used. Corrugated iron, steel and plastic are the most commonly used materials for such beds however solid wood is still the most preferred material. There are many reasons for the popularity of beds made of solid wood; these beds are durable, sturdy and safe, moreover the solid wood furniture can be painted and repainted in different colors from time to time and makes it look as good as new. As a parent the most important thing for you to consider is the safety of your child and your choice of a bed should measure well against this demand. Choose a bed which has safety rails on all the sides or a bed you can attach rails to, the vertical or horizontal bars in the rails should not have too much space between them as the child can easily get stuck between these rails and get injured.

The furniture you get for children should be of the right size so that they do not face any difficulty while using it. The bed of your toddler should not be too high above the ground as the child might find it difficult to get in or out of the bed, low height would also mean less or no injuries even if the child falls off the bed while playing or sleeping in the bed. The positioning of toddler beds plays an important role in the safety of children and it is advisable that you do not place the bed close to windows, heating equipment, lamps or walls because children can hurt themselves while playing in the bed. If you are placing the bed of your toddler in your bedroom then it is recommended that you place it as close to your bed as possible. If the child sleeps in another bedroom then make sure that the bed is placed in a safe corner or with the headboard towards the wall.


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