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What To Consider When First Starting Your Online Marketing Campaign

Things to decide on when setting up a digital marketing campaign

Are you setting up your first digital marketing campaign? Do you have a vague idea about what you should be doing, but need to have a bit more direction before you kick it off? If so, here are a few things you should decide on before you get into high gear. Things that, if planned right, could be the difference between a successful digital marketing campaign and one that just flops. 

Who is your target audience?

digital marketingA generic campaign will never work. That means you need to be sure of who your target audience is before you do anything else and then create a campaign around them.

What are your goals?

Many people start off a marketing campaign with no clear idea of what they want to achieve with it. Is your goal to get 5,000 new people added to your e-mail list? Would getting five new clients be considered a success? Define your goals before you start, then you will know what type of digital marketing campaign you should run, as well as if it was successful when it ended. 

Do you know your budget?

Surprisingly, a fair number of people new to the marketing game will start with only a general idea of a budget. Create a budget and stick to it, as a campaign like this can get out of control financially and end up costing you far more than you would ever make from new clients or a larger e-mail list.

How long will it run?

Be sure to have a specific deadline for when your campaign will end, and then shut it down on that date. A tight campaign will be much more successful than one that is open-ended, and far less likely to annoy your potential new customers.

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