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How Effective Are Traction Devices When It Comes To Treating Back Pain?

In order to understand back pain, one must pay attention to the structure of the backbone and spine. Our back is made up of bones, muscles, ligaments, nerves, tendons and joints. Together, all these work as a single interconnected structure with the primary support structure provided by the spine.

There are 24 different bony structures that form a spine, and these bony structures are called vertebrae. There are two other types of bones used as well, i.e., coccyx and sacrum. The space between the vertebrae is filled up with discs, which act as shock absorbers. Our spine is hard and rigid, and it is not easy to bend, but thanks to these discs, we are able to bend our spine as well.

Within each vertebra, you will find a central canal, and it is through these canals that our spine threads down. These canals carry nerves from the brain to other parts of our body.

When it comes to finding the root cause of the backache, then it is not that easy because the issue is not centered upon any specific area. The pain could arise due to a strained muscle, ligament or tendon. The occurrence of pain could also be due to the damage caused in one of the back structures, although, it is rare to happen, but yes, the possibility can’t be ignored. This type of pain is called mechanical back pain.

There is one guarantee regarding back pain that it doesn’t occur due to any serious condition unless there is already some health problem possessed by the person. If the occurrence of back pain is due to some other symptoms like weight loss or fever, then it can be a serious issue.

The term used for back pain that has been caused because of any underlying serious cause is ‘non-specific back pain’. In this, the symptoms may improve in a month or so, but the problem of back pain becomes worse over time, thus resulting in serious damage to the people.

A wide number of other factors are also there that could result in backache or worsen the condition of a person who already suffers from backache. These factors include, sitting or standing for long periods, bending to lift something heavy, accidents or injuries. Overweight people have a greater risk of developing back pain because of the pressure that is exerted on the back due to their obesity.

People suffering from non-specific back pain can get back pain relief from physiotherapy and self-help. While many would be familiar with the process of physiotherapy, but not self-help. Self-help is a process in which a person has to stay as much active as he/she can. Bed rest is OK for some time, but lying on the bed of the majority of the time in a day will make the condition worse.

Similarly, physiotherapy involves visiting a physiotherapist who will help reduce the pain through his effective methodologies. If you don’t know which physiotherapist to contact, then you can try Back Solutions Clinic, Richmond, VIC. They have been treating people with severe back pain issues for past many years, so they will be an ideal choice for back pain treatment, whether mechanical back pain or non-specific back pain.

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