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American Inn Express Red Bluff

Flawless Digital Audio Transcription

Digital audio transcription into text format is either done manually or using software. Manual transcription services are accurate when compared to software transcriptions and that is why most business houses depend on manual transcription services to get the best output. In a manual digital audio transcription service, the wav audio files are converted into text format by going through the recorded material and converting each and every word uttered into written format. But now there are advanced automated transcription software that has made work easier for the transcriptionist. Audio recordings are no more stored in analogue formats, digital recording has become the order of the day. Digital audio is of superior quality and hence the clarity is great. Which means the transcription remains flawless.

Digital recording is of superior quality when compared to analogue format and hence the output also is superior. There is minimum distortion and as a result it is easier to transcript the files. The sound clarity is impeccable. The digital files can be stored and can be shared online as email attachments. This means there is no need to store the files manually. The files can be stored on the computer hard drive and does not require any filing rack to store the data. First the audio recorder is connected to the computer via USB port. Then the software is installed. The computer has to read and understand the audio content. As soon as the content is recorded, it can be uploaded to the computer and the recording can be compressed and sent to the digital audio transcription company via email.

Once the transcriptionist receives the digital files converting from audio to text is simple. The transcriptionist has to playback the recording using specialized digital decoder. The job of the decoder is to reverse the digitalization process where the file is converted to audio format that is easily understood by the transcriber as well as the computer. The transcriptionist listens to the file and starts the documentation process. The files can be compressed and used on digital players that have playback capability. Though digital format is recommended for transcription, non-digital formats are also accepted by digital audio transcription companies.

According to the clarity of audio the transcription services charges the clients. If the audio format is in digital quality with superior clarity the transcription work becomes simpler and the transcriptionist can easily complete their job and hence the charges are nominal. If the recordings are on tapes and the audio is not clear then the audio transcription company charges a high fee to convert the recordings into text format.

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